Aluminum Construction

Aluminum Construction by Bob Gouge

When I started in the aluminum construction business over 32 years ago on the west coast of Florida, aluminum construction was much different.  Simple little jobs would rarely require a building permit.  If a job did require a permit, you could usually get one in a day with just a simple drawing, not even required to be drawn to scale.  After Hurricane Charley hit Port Charlotte, Florida State and local building codes for all aluminum construction became much tougher for your protection. Over the years the building departments, insurance companies, and myself have learned what materials last, the strongest fastening methods and how to keep a room dry.

Aluminum Enclosures
Aluminum construction with tinted glass gables

Each project I do that requires a building permit has what we, in the aluminum construction industry, call a set of “Site Specific” engineered drawings done for that job.  Specifications are done by a licensed engineer and your project will have a set of sealed drawings telling us how it is to be constructed.  When you have a project done by Bob Gouge Construction, your project is going to be built by the area’s best aluminum construction installers and inspected by the building department.  Many times my customers tell me after we build a patio enclosure, “If there is ever a hurricane, we are going into that room! I’ll take my chances there, it’s built stronger than my home”.

The State of Florida has its own building codes for aluminum construction.  Your home is located in a particular wind zone and has what they call a specific exposure.  Your project has to be engineered and constructed to meet those specifications.

Get it done right the first timeIf you are interested in doing a project which requires any type of aluminum construction, please contact me, Bob Gouge, at Bob Gouge Construction, LLC.  Get it done right the first time.  We are a state certified building construction company, licensed, insured and bonded.

State license #- CRC 058469


Acrylic Windows

ACRYLIC WINDOWS – FLORIDA – Acrylic windows are the most popular lanai windows installed by Bob Gouge Construction. Whether you are building a complete room addition from the concrete up or replacing your existing windows, Acrylic is the clear choice.

Acrylic Windows installed in Turnberry, a subdivision in Waterford Venice FL.
Acrylic Windows

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Acrylic Window Replacement
Acrylic windows installed in Turnberry, a subdivision in Waterford, located in Venice, FL June 2014.

I installed acrylic windows in Turnberry for a customer with existing lexan windows. The new acrylic windows provide a clearer view and are much easier to operate.

Every acrylic window installed in all lanai’s must be custom measured and made to fit. My job is to ensure your windows are made in the factory to fit your lanai.

I have been installing patio enclosures in Sarasota Co., Manatee Co., and Charlotte County since 1982.  You can get a new room from scratch or replace your existing lanai with a glass enclosed habitable room or leave it as a patio by installing either vinyl or acrylic windows.

About 15 years ago, acrylic units, which have the look of side sliding glass windows came to our market.  I installed them on my personal patio at my home in 2006 and love them.

Acrylic windows are an alternative to glass or vinyl units used in patio enclosures.  If you have an existing screen lanai, or need one constructed, acrylic wind-break units allow you to be able to use it year round. They keep it much cleaner and dryer on those rainy days.  Acrylic wind-break units can make that happen with the look and ease of cleaning of glass, at a fraction of the price.  Usually little or no reconstruction of your existing screen enclosure has to be done because all windows are custom made to fit your existing openings.

When Hurricane Charley came through Punta Gorda in 2004, I replaced many patio enclosures with acrylic windows and impact, hurricane resistant glass. It was Manatee counties worst hurricane since 1992 when Andrew hit southern Florida. Thousands of old lanai’s had to be rebuilt to new State Building Code and old glass and vinyl windows had to be replaced. The storm caused over 13 Billion dollars in damages. It was the strongest storm to hit Southwest Florida since hurricane Donna in 1960.

I have dealt with insurance companies for over 30 years in Southwest Florida and know what they need in breaking down an itemized estimate for repairs. So if the unfortunate time should ever occur when you need a repair on your home due to damage, contact me and we can get the necessary repairs done for you.

Acrylic comes in clear, bronze, and gray tint with white or bronze frames. The windows carry a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.  The manufacture is Custom Window System, located in Ocala, Florida.

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It takes about 4 weeks to get your new acrylic windows installed from the time I give you a free estimate.